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Annual Service 10 point Check List

  1. Combustion analysis prior to service
  2. Combustion chamber and baffles checked and cleaned
  3. Nozzle removed and correct specification nozzle installed
  4. Electrodes cleaned, checked and re-set
  5. Fan assembly cleaned and oil pump rotation checked
  6. Oil lines checked for age and replaced accordingly
  7. Filters/strainers cleaned/replaced
  8. Flue checked for operation and safety
  9. Oil pump pressure checked and adjusted
  10. Combustion analysed and adjusted with customer print out

Safety of the boiler is vital, OFTEC standards and regulations are changing all the time, so when conducting a service on your appliance you will be informed of any changes needed to improve safety of the appliance or the oil storage tank. An annual service will take roughly 1 - 1.5 hours and will consist of safety checks for the burner, boiler and oil storage tank. 

Emergency Call-Out within a 25 mile radius of Wisbech

Installation and Commissioning of Oil Fired Boilers